Fashion terminology you must know!

Here are some technical fashion terms that everybody must know. By the end of this blog you will learn about 20 fashion terms ! A pop up store is a temporary retail store as per seasonal demand.  The word faux means something that is synthetic or artificial The word faux pas indicates a fashion blunder […]

Body Postures

Our posture plays a huge role in our overall personality. Good posture can not only make you stand out from the crowd but also keeping you fit. A lot of times we unconsciously sit or stand in a bad posture which eventually becomes a habit and causes back problems later in life, but small changes […]

A few mantras of my life

“Shine so bright that your warmth can brighten others’ life” “Authenticity over perfectionism”  I follow these 4 mantras of life –  Find and know yourself Spend more time with yourself and observe your actions, reactions and behaviour. You will develop a bonding with yourself and understand your personality in depth. Who you are at present […]