Layering in hot summer weather can be very uncomfortable. According to my Instagram poll, about 65% of voters preferred no layering over-layering. Being a resident of Mumbai and living in humid weather for almost the entire year, I have truly understood the art of layering. Although tricky, layering can truly elevate your outfit and help you make a statement. It creates a visually elonging effect, that is, it makes you look thinner and taller!

Layering in cold weather is extremely comfortable and almost everyone enjoys it. But when it comes to summer layering here are some tips!

Let’s learn the art of layering so that it becomes your go-to, the next time you want to elevate your outfit along with being comfortable and feeling yourself!

  • For a formal look, choose blazers without lining, that are loose and drapey with shoulder pads to add some definition. Or, you can ditch the sleeves on the layers, if you are wearing a long shirt or full sleeves top or dress. You can also opt for a long duster jacket over trousers, skirts or wide leg pants.

  • For a casual look, go for a sheer piece over an opaque one, or slip on a light weight kimono jacket. Choose sleevess jackets. You can opt for a duster jacket here as well but pair it with denims, shorts or even a dress!
  • Partywear Layering – opt for shiny/ shimmery or jackets with beaded work, as it can elevate a plain outfit and make your outfit stand out!
  • Adding a scarf to your outfit, by styling them in various ways can truly make your outfit more chic be it formal or casual. There are numerous ways on how you can style a scarf/ dupatta and make your outfit stand out!

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