Here are some technical fashion terms that everybody must know. By the end of this blog you will learn about 20 fashion terms !

  • A pop up store is a temporary retail store as per seasonal demand. 
  • The word faux means something that is synthetic or artificial
  • The word faux pas indicates a fashion blunder or error made in styling an outfit. Showing your undergarments through your dress or socks and sandals are examples of fashion faux pas. (as shown in the image)

  • Something that is currently in trend/style is called In Vogue.
  • Chic is a compliment given to someone who dresses or an outfit that looks elegant and stylish. It is pronounced as – “sheek”.
  • Ready to wear or ready made garments are also called Pret Line
  • The garments’ overall shape and outline is called a Silhouette. It is usually represented as a solid shape of one colour to create a flattering illusion. (as shown in the image)
  • Hemline is the lower edge of a garment. These are clearly visible in pieces such as skirts, dresses or coats.
  • Dolman sleeves are those that are wide at the shoulder and narrow at the wrist. 
  • Smocked pattern is a pattern where the clothing is gathered to give it a stretchy look and feel
  • Any shirt/top below the length of your hip is a Tunic.
  • Sheath is a style of dress that is clinched at the waist. (as shown in the image)
  • The word passe is used to describe something that is out of fashion.
  • Ensemble is a word for a complete outfit including clothing, accessories and footwear. 
  • Pleats that are at an inch’s gap from each other are known as knife pleats.
  • Self belt is a belt that is made of the same fabric as the rest of the dress/garment. ( as shown in the image)
  • Panache is a term used to describe grand manner. An ensemble including feathers, tassels, etc is said to be panache in style.
  • Monochromatic in fashion means colours from the same colour family. Example- beige and tan, red and maroon, light and dark blue, hot pink and baby pink, etc. belong to the same colour family. ( as shown in the image)

  • Achromatic means without colour. This means an outfit in black, white or grey tones is counted under achromatic colour scheme. (as shown in the image)
  • Colour blocking is an experiment that involves wearing two or more bold and bright colours together to form an interesting combination. Such as yellow and purple, yellow and blue, purple and orange, etc.

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