To take your outfit a notch higher, or to upgrade your existing wardrobe to meet a particular mood, role or trend, ACCESSORIES will always be your best friends! Any accessory, be it earrings, necklace, pendants, chains, bracelets, watches, rings, anklets!  They can really spice up your outfit.

Invest in accessories that match your style. Here are some must have classic and statement pieces that you can wear with almost everything!

  • A scarf : a solid one or a printed one according your personal style is a must have! You can style scarfs in various ways be it hair accessory, belt, around your neck, on your handbag, jacket and many more.

Check out my instagram post on styling 1 scarf in 3 ways –

  • A minimalistic neck piece – a simple pendant or a necklace styled with an outfit can live a classy look
  • A minimalistic pair of earrings : stud earrings such as a diamond solitaire or slightly larger earrings such as hoops or danglers, you can choose as per your preference
  • A pair of sunglasses : sunglasses shaped according to your face shape to compliment your facial and physical features is a must for fashion as well as protecting the delicate skin near your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Two in one !
  • A neutral tone handbag : handbags are a girl’s best friend. A handbag of neutral tones such as black, brown or grey go with most outfits and elevate your outfit
  • A belt : neutral tone belts matching with the metal tone and texture of your other complimenting accessories such as handbag and footwear can really spice up your outfit!
  • A footwear : heels or sandals matching the metal tone and texture of your other accessories is a must have as it completes the outfit and adds the final touch up
  • A pair of comfortable shoes : these shoes can either be your walking shoes, gym shoes or casual slip ons, a pair of such comfortable shoes is a must have in your wardrobe. 

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